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Say No to Spam in your Inbox!

Author: Ted Peterson

On daily basis many people around the world are facing growing email SPAMing issues. A SPAM is nothing but an unsolicited email received from an unknown person. Any organization can be affected with this SPAM. Thousands of emails are being dropped in the corporate mailing server everyday generating a demand for a much needed spam filter application. Now that’s all about a corporate, what about a regular user. Take an example of a user with a yahoo mail account which is being loaded with all sorts of advertisement based email. This user never intended to receive those email nor did he/she ever subscribed to any such newsletter service. Yahoo mail has a SPAM filter which grabs most of the spammed email but still there are those which are never considered as SPAM and are still very annoyingly sitting in your inbox.

If this user has been using a mailing client like the ‘Outlook Express’ or ‘Microsoft Outlook’ or any other third party mailing client application, then the worry part would the download of such unsolicited emails on to the local computer, some of which could be injected with a virus or a Trojan horse which are very dangerous for your operating system and other private data.

Pctool.com did it again and released a SPAM Monitor application for such regular users to safe guard there mailing clients from unwanted SPAM’ed emails. This software is an email classification system that will help the user in separating the SPAM from the rest of generic emails. The application is has mainly focused on not-so computer savvy people around the world. Once you have downloaded the application, simply double click on the installer file to install the application on to your computer. Once the application is installed it will open for the very first time requesting to feed-in some valuable information abut the mailing client that needs to be monitored.

You can configure Spam Monitor in either a Minimum, Normal or Aggressive filter mode. The minimum mode will filter your email against the list of insecurely and easily-abused servers, and lists of confirmed spammers. It would catch a bit of SPAM with a little risk to your legitimate emails. Normal mode would filter against the list of probable spammers like the SPEWA and will catch more SPAM with slightly increased risk as you might find your legitimate emails in the junk mail folder or even getting deleted. And finally Aggressive mode will filter above the normal levels and check them against an aggressive list of SpamBag and SpamCop with higher risk of making mistakes.

There is another option which you may pick if you are living in an English speaking country “Assume all email from China, Korea and Taiwan is spam.” These are the places where email servers are mostly compromised for sending SPAM on the internet. If you do not have any contacts in either one of these countries which sends you legitimate email, then go ahead and check this option.

And finally pick the mailing client like an ‘Outlook Express’ and let the SPAM monitor do its job. An awesome utility where an unwanted message will be tagged as **SPAM**

Protect your computer from unwanted email. Get SPAM Monitor Today!

This article was found at articlebase.com

About the Author:

Ted Peterson writes for CoreDownload, a shareware archive where you can find utilities like Spam Monitor that will help you fight spam.

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At June 15, 2007 at 8:02 AM, Blogger H8TRAIN said...

Yea or you could use www.SPAMARREST.com. Works great, I've used it for some time now and swear by it.


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