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Windows Vista- First Impressions

Monday, April 9, 2007

Author: David C Smith

Ive been using Windows Vista on one of my computers for the past month. Rather than write about the experience before Ive had the chance to fully try it out, I instead ran it through the paces. I used it almost exclusively for one month. So what did I think?

Not bad. Its definitely a different experience, although not too different. Its not a very far leap from Windows XP.

One thing that I was happy about, is that for once it seems that Microsoft has released a product that is stable from day one. I have been using Vista for over a month, and I have yet to see it crash. Compared to my Windows XP system which crashes at least once a month.

The most evident changes is the User Interface, its quite a bit different than the XP version. With the very tight integration with Internet Explorer 7, it seems that Vista is more capable than ever at multi-tasking. The gadgets are really cool too, and I cant wait to see what new and interesting gadgets are developed for Vista in the near future. You just have to get your hands on it, to see the difference, words cant really adequately describe it.

What I found surprising is the voice recognition capabilities of Vista. I hadnt expected that it would be so robust. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but you can effortlessly blend normal computer operation with voice control. Its not perfect, dont get me wrong, but it is a novel way to interact with the computer and has tons of potential.

The problem is hardware requirements. Vista is a beast when it comes to hardware. The more you got the better it performs. I find that Vista loves memory, and a fast video card is essential as well. I wouldnt bother with Vista unless I had a computer that was made in the last year or so that had at least 1GB of memory. I played with it, when I took most of my memory out, and left 256MB in the machine, and it almost ground to a halt.

All in all, I found Vista to be quite capable. A very nice upgrade from XP, surprisingly stable. I probably wouldnt upgrade an existing computer, but would feel fine with purchasing a new computer with XP already installed. Good luck, and enjoy Vista.

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